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Written as children’s story poems, this delightful series of small press books presents the adventures of smart, spunky, six-year-old Sal. This little girl takes on conventional wisdom in everything from bicycling and world travel, to neighborhood commerce and scientific inquiry.


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Sal’s Balloon Adventure. Sal is just plain TIRED of falling off her bike. With little in the way of natural balance, but more than her share of gumption, Sal finds the only sensible (to her) solution in a b-i-g handful of helium-filled balloons, and sails off on her first out-of-neighborhood experience. 19 pgs. $4.95

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Sal and the Entrepreneurial Spirits. Sal opens her very own lemonade stand, but there’s competition up the street. There’s industrial espionage and negative marketing before the Spirits of Competition, Fair Play, and Cooperation step in. 29 pgs. $5.95

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Sal and the Scientific Method. Sal’s strong suit isn’t science. She has to design a project for the school science fair or risk getting a bad grade. Deciding to grow birds from scratch, Sal gets her hands dirty in a variety of soils to create an experiment that tests the origin of species … and her patience. 23 pgs. $5.95

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