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How the Stars Came to Live in the Nighttime Sky

A StoryBox Legend

Lost in Service

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  1. Wazir says:

    Hi Billie,I remember you, how wdfoernul to hear from you. I received anotheremail this week from someone who use to live in st pete whom I had notseen or heard from in years. Thanks for the invite to be friends. Are youstill in St. Pete. What are you doing?I am still playing music. A few years ago I decided to put my hands at itfull-time and each year it’s getting better and better. Much to do. I stayfocus on not complaining because the benefits are rewarding.Veronika JacksonAcoustic With Heart Productions

  2. Billie says:

    Oh, how nice to hear from you, Veronika! I knew you’d moved up to Georgia, and I’m really glad to know your musical career is going so well. Miss you, woman! If/when you get back to St. Pete to make music, be sure to let me know so I can come out to support one of my fave performers! Hugs!

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